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Reporting CERT Classes

 The NC CERT Program Office received an email from the Governor’s Office on Volunteerism and Community Service that requires all State-recognized CERT Programs to also be registered with the NC CERT Program Office, and all CERT trainings, past, present, and future must be registered through TERMS for the graduates to be State recognized. Those programs who do not wish to use TERMS for registration prior to a class must send in completed rosters when a class is completed. 

Additionally, in order to be sure that classes are taught by certified instructors, the Primary Instructor for every CERT Basic Training Class must be a graduate of a CERT Train-the-Trainer class. I have many records of who our certified instructors are, but will welcome your records as verification.

The information needed to record a class includes:
          Dates of the class
          Location of the class
          Primary Instructor (must be a graduate of a CERT Train-the-Trainer class)
          Other Instructors
          Participants' Names
          Participants' last four digits of their SSN, or a 4-digit PIN
          Participants' email address 

A sample sign-in sheet is shown at right, and is available to download. If you need more than three class dates, contact the NC CERT Office and I can make a sign-in sheet for you.